Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A pouch surprise-and not the good kind!

I went home for the holidays.  It's a nine hour drive.  I love driving but after about 8 hours, I'm tired and wanting out of the car.  I don't travel too often because of all the medical supplies I have to pack and the TPN in a cooler.  It's truly an ordeal.

I had changed my pouch the morning I left for my family's.  After eight hours in the car, I stopped for a potty break.  I went into the ladies room and realized that my brand new pouch had two pin holes in them. My pouch cover had poop spots on them.  I was alone, far from home, and stuck in a bathroom stall. I finished my business and walked really fast back to my car.  I sat in the front seat whipped my skirt down and put tape on the pinholes hoping it would help.  I had to be fast since I was basically naked in my car with people all around!  I only had paper tape and saw that it wasn't helping stop the leaks.

I ran through my options.  I could either drive the rest of the way and hope that I didn't make too big a mess of things, or I could go back into the bathroom and try to change my pouch.  I decided to go back into the bathroom and change my pouch.  I got undressed so if I pooped, I wouldn't get it on my clothes.  You see, I only have less than six feet of intestine left and it constantly goes except for first thing when I wake up in the morning.  So I was worried I'd have a mess on my hands.  I sat on the toilet, removed the leaky pouch and put the new one back on so fast that I was saved from disaster.

It has been years since I had a problem with a leaky pouch or an explosion under the wafer.  I still don't wear jeans to this day stemming from years ago when my jeans caused my pouch to leak.  I don't even own a pair of jeans.  I wear skirts only.  They are comfortable, look nice and don't squish my pouch.

I have had my pouch now since 1995.  For the most part, I don't mind having it.  It's something I accepted a long time ago.  But when this leak happened on my way home it really upset me.  Now I have that fear that it will happen again.  I make sure I have a spare change kit with me at all times. I hate living like that.

It will take a while to get over the fear again...

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