Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm a Foodie-Really......

If I didn't have Crohn's disease, I'd so be a Foodie.  I just love watching the Food Network and eating all sorts of fancy stuff.  Well, since I've been recently roto routered-yes this is what I say IRL, I've been eating all sorts of things I haven't been able to in a long long time.  I'm taking advantage while I can, because I know it's only a matter of time before the scar tissue starts again and I lose the hunger pangs I'm getting now.

It's literally been over five years since I last ate corn on the cob.  It's one of THOSE foods that I never eat because it causes so much pain and cramping that it's just not worth it to me.  Well, I roasted two ears this past weekend and when I took the first bite, I closed my eyes, and just smiled.  It tasted so good. I'm talking good people!  I chowed down that whole ear like I was a starving person (which I was at the time!)  I had spiced shrimp with it and I was in heaven truly.  The day before, I ate ham with goat cheese, white nectarines, raspberries, banana and cherries. Oh yes I'm eating as much fresh fruit as I can stand now as well.  I still have the other ear of corn to eat but am waiting a few days before I attack that one.  Just because the first one didn't cause problems doesn't mean I can just forget all the pain it's caused in the past.

Even though having surgery sucks, there is a benefit and this is it.  Before surgery, I was sick all day every day and literally ate half a cookie all day long.  Never felt hungry never felt like eating.  Now look at me go!

The really sad and awful part?  That I get this excited about eating.  It's a normal natural part of life and for us Crohn's people, eating can be hazardous to your health........

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